What we offer ...

In Sarbanes Controls we can provide fast and reliable solutions on problems arising from Governors. Our lead advantage is our custom-made/innovatinve portable equipment.

Our target is to reduce the cost and timing spent on
A. Repairing Governors
B. Maintenance
C. Troubleshooting

by evolving our services continuously and consistently according to the demand of the market.

Why Choose Us
01. On site attedance by expert Service Engineers who can evaluate, troubleshoot and service on the spot.
02. Variety stock of spare parts are kept and used on all services. Spares & Repair Kits for Various governor models are available.
03. We follow standard guidlines for servicing each unit/model ensuring reliability & accurate results.
04. Exchange basis program. We offer various types of Governors on exchange basis, meeting customer's demand.

Makers we are Servicing

Over the years we have obtained specialized knowledge and we can provide services on the following categories:
-Mechanical Governor
-Mechanical Actuator
-Electronic Governor
-Electronic Actuator

In addition, following are some of the major makers we cover with our services:
-Diesel Kiki


Spare Parts Warehouse

Our company invests considerable sums for daily Purchasing and Storing Spare Parts from relevant manufacturers, so as to be readily available to be shipped to our customers or to be used on the repair of Governors. We offer a wide range of Spare Parts for all the above types of Governors.

You can send us your request for Spare Parts and we will revert with our offer.

Retrofit Program

Depending on customer needs, our company is able to fully study, design and install replacement programs (retrofit), adapted to the needs of each case. The replacement of old mechanical units or electronic speed controllers with new electronic unit that offers greater reliability, longer service time, better response and operation of the machine, is tasks that our experience engineers have carried out. The following steps describe approximately the way it is done:

01. Representation of our technical team on site, to evaluate the problem.
02. Study the existing installation and collection of useful data and information (i.e. Mechanical & Electrical drawings, photographs, etc.).
03. Studing and issuing a list with all the neccessary Spare Parts for the replacement task.
04. Issuing the relative Quotation for Service.
05. Design and construction of any necessary accessories for installation (eg catering tables, protection panel, etc.)
06. Transfer of all the Spare Parts & Accessories at the location and disconnection of the old equipment. Installation and connection of new equipement.
07. Excecute and perform all required tweaks & settings.
08. Permorm Tests of the new installation in all types of operation.
09. Hand over of the equipment.

Our Automation Department consists of experienced electricians and electrical engineers, with many years of experience and expertise which arose from working many years in the shipping line and especially in the automation segment.

Exchange basis Program

One of the first development projects after the founding of our company, is the exchange program Governors (exchange-basis). We are warehousing various types of Governors, so that we can directly respond to every demand of our customers.

The modulators are:
01. Totally repaired using genuine parts.
02. Adjusted based on the standard specifications of each Governor.
03. Stored in our facilities and ready for shipment within 24 hours.